I can’t claim what I am writing here is perfect & ultimate. This is something from what I heard, seen, felt, thought & understood in my life. Only I can say that the resemblance of any character or incident is co-incidental. My writings are based on the fiction of my mind and not related to anyone.

I can’t claim what I am writing here is perfect and ultimate. This is something from what I heard, seen, felt, thought and understood in my life. Only I can say that the resemblance of any character or incident is co-incidental. My writings are based on the fiction of my mind and not related to anyone.

Friday, July 20, 2012



He came from too far…from the other corner of the country to take a decision. He was looking tired and timid. It was a rainy season….roads were filled with mud and water. Humidity was in peak as it is a tropical region. Even then  the land is blessed with the endless greenery and beauty. 
It was a small  office of Arbitrators. There was a compromise settlement going on. The room was already occupied, before he entered into the room. She vacated her seat for him and he sat in front of her Arbitrator.  His thumb ran over the ring placed in his middle finger. The ring was asking thumb as It is expecting some Miracles?
“So the settlement is drafted….have you brought her ornaments? “ her  Arbitrator asked him.
“Yes….it is with him.”. Said his Arbitrator. He placed the kit in front of him. One of the condition of the settlement was to exchange each other’s gold ornaments with few other  conditions.
Suddenly her voice from behind…..”The matter of ring is not settled yet. I want it back.” Every body turned towards him to see his reaction. Thumb convinced the ring that “ Relax & wait.”
“No..I won’t give that” a firm voice came from his end.
“It was neither in our settlement nor you raised in previous meeting that you have an objection regarding the same.” his Arbitrator argued.
“No I need it back. I don’t know the logic of keeping it again. Everything is over now”. She was almost screaming.
“What is the problem that you have? You have his ring in your hand. Let it be as a hope again over there” her Arbitrator said.
“No. What hope is left now which he has not shown in these passed 8/9 years of our marriage? Why don’t you people understand me? I don’t want my ring on his finger.”
He was keeping silent. He turned around the room to look at the occupants. Suddenly he found his kid was sitting in the corner with yellow sleeveless T shirt and black 3/4th knickers. Which he was not expecting as he had refused to come on that day. When he called, he came to him and sat on his lap. He hugged him tightly  thought “What she can do with this symbol which is sitting in my lap ? but he kept mum.  Her Arbitrator turned towards him and asked “ Why don’t you give it back? See the matters are almost settled. Now we should not create an issue because of this.”
“No I won’t give it back…and let her do whatever she want with my ring…I don’t care.” He replied.
His reaction ignited some hot talks between the parties and slowly started digging old things which was enough to create an explosion over there. He was silent. Because he was told to keep control on himself as he was already accused for his short temper. So he was silent. He was not daring to see the kid’s face which was partially covered by his cap. “ She need her Ring Back” Her angel guardian shouted at the crowd.
That was a winter day, when they exchanged their ring in marriage ceremony. They both got astonished to see the rings that it was in same design and the names were carved in same style. They both considered this co-incidence as a blessing of the God and assent for their love. They wore those rings witnessing fire and many people present over there. And it became the symbol of love and assurance. They felt happy and proud to wear those rings in their hands.
“Even he had thrown this ring once, then for what reason he is keeping it with him ? I need that ring…at any cost.” Yes we need it. Her guardian angel again endorsed.
How many time he has seen that ring removed from  her hand…in bath room, kitchen, under the pillows, some time under the coat, dressing table etc etc. He was always in apprehension that how much value she is giving to it. But didn’t say a word, Because he was told to keep silence at any provocation. He was the angry man and the culprit and having so many cases slapped on him on this basis as the trend of litigation.  But he never removed it un necessarily,….rather than once or twice. Yes once he has thrown it, when she down graded his self respect  and the other time he placed that ring in his middle finger from his ring finger. She questioned  even this action. He never replied that the middle finger has a higher position among other fingers. She has a higher position in his life.  Maybe his introverted nature or ego have stopped him to reveal  it. When the ring turns around and name came under the finger, she argued that he want to show others that he is single by keeping ring in this position. They argued and fought even in the position of that ring. But now he kept silence. After all he has to control himself. He found his thumb was tightly holding that ring all the time.
 All off a sudden the kid slipped from his lap and said…”It is too hot here…let us go out dad”. He held his hand with the ring and moved out. They were going down street. Both were silent. Actually he was not sure that what to ask him? After some time he asked him “Did u miss me?”
“Hmmmm” his son replied without looking at him.
 “You know dad will come in vacation and we will enjoy a lot….will you come with me?” He asked him curiously.
“ I don’t know dad” He replied to his father. He suddenly looked at his father and asked “ Dad…why did you say that you don’t want Mom”? His heart broken in to pieces. His mouth dried and felt a suffocation. For a while he cursed himself for not taking medicines by the advice of others. When blood regained its normal speed, he replied “ See didn’t you see how we are fighting? Didn’t you get afraid when we were roaring like predators? Didn’t you cried when we were fighting? He was looking down as searching something on the earth.
“You know son, it is the better decision, what we could take in this situation. Everything will be for good only. Now see no problems. No fights. Your mother is free and you are also happy with mom”…Right?
“Dad there is a shop……from there I can get an Ice cream…come soon”……
The kid was running shop to shop to find his materials. He again slipped into his own world by blindly following him. His thumb on his ring reminded him a lot again.  The problem had started from the beginning itself. God only knows from where the rigorous personality dispute emerged. Fate played its own  role and the surroundings too. How many times this ring stopped me to take a serious decision.  Now no way left.  It was the one who supported me in all these years to prolong decisions. How many time conversed with it in loneliness. How many time got angry with it? But every next morning it smiled at me as a symbol of assurance. Many times it has given me energy to pass through the furnace of tough time. A true companion of my life. It taught me the silence is golden. How many sleepless nights  have passed looking at it……..”Dad lets go”…his sound broken the thoughts again.
When reached at the court room Arbitrator was furious for his absence in between. She was creating a havoc that the child is missing. All were searching the father & son. Many felt relaxed after seeing us again. She was sitting at the entrance of court room. Like the student want to answer first to the questions of her teacher. The kid went and stood near her. Then he came to him as he was balancing his presence. He was feeling humid and was feeling restless. He looked at his spectacles and found dirty. He asked her a handkerchief, if she had one. She primarily refused and then passed one to him. He cleaned the spects and given it back. Again his attention went to the Ring which was asking the thumb  “ A miracle will happen or not”?
A loud voice came from inside for the last time calling their names. She moved in to the room and placed near to judge’s vision. He slowly followed and stood behind her. Arbitrators produced the documents and started conversing with the lord. He was standing with the ring gripped  by his thumb. This time thumb was asking the ring “ Any possibility of miracle?”. His mind was hollow and emotionless. Lord asked something to him, which he didn’t hear. But said his own name. Then they discussed and verified the documents and handed over to the clerks sitting down. She stormed out…so he followed. From behind his Guardian asked about her chain which was in her custody. He said it may be with our lawyer. She turned back to confirm it. He was standing alone looking at the huge Mahogany. Then he heard a  scuffle, so he approached them. It was of her refusal to give the chain to his guardian as she wanted her ring back. The voices became loud…crowd gathered…he kept them quiet and proceeded to that small office with his guardian. He said to leave it….but here the chain was connected to her emotions too.
She started bargaining with the chain as she need the ring. His Arbitrator told it was breach of settlement. Because she never said this thing or stressed on the ring. He was ready to pay for the ring….otherwise he was ready to pay for the chain. He got hurt and felt that it is against his professional ethics. He requested and argued. But still she needed her ring back. Her Guardian Angel showered him with Curses and accusation. It was raining like hell on him. He tried peacefully to make her understand to return the chain to avoid these kind of circumstances. Her Arbitrator seems worried, he pleaded him to return the ring…and got upset with his own sentiments. The situation heated up…..his thumb made its firm grip on middle finger…..and now both got a feeling that he was going to lose something now.
He got up and went to her…..shown his middle finger and said “ No one can remove this from my finger…..other than you”. She looked at him hesitatingly, then regained her confidence. She started removing it from his finger. It was not that easy, the finger was paining along with the head and heart.  After much difficulty,  she succeeded to remove it and got relaxed. When the Symbol of Assurance  died  forever, she returned the chain to his Guardian. He lost his control, not on her….his sound echoed the small room, her guardian angel was cornered by him and answered her curses. He moved as cyclone around the room with rain and thunders. She interfered and asked innocently to him that “ Now everything is over, then why should we fight like this ?” He told her “ At least you should  have respected my silence”.  When he was releasing his frustrations over there….again in front of his loving kid…..his father has become a Villain again.
Now the storm has gone….situation was calm….one of the Arbitrator asked her “Now what difference it has made? It was same and both have one in their own hands. What was the use to create such situation?”
“No….it is not the same” She said confidently. Then continued “ My ring has 8gms of gold and his ring has only 4 grams.”
When she was trying to convince and impress the Arbitrators that she has done nothing wrong. He moved to the kid. He hugged him and whispered in his ears that “ I Love You my Son”…..When he went out with heavy legs…..his thumb was continuously searching the blank place on his middle finger and still the search is going on………..

Created : 12th July 2012 - First published on 20th July 2012- Author: P-kay – Editor: SK


  1. Welcome Back P-Kay!! :)

    What a lovely plot! Liked the conversation :)

    I am so happy to see back after a long time. Hope you are doing well...Missed you and your write ups a lot!

    Hope to see you writing regular.

  2. Tnx Simran for remembering :) I too missed u all and ur creation for a long time :)